Institutional training program: SER + CEU

Institutional training program: SER + CEU

Vulnerability and human weakness, an interdisciplinary perspective

Objective and Approach

The Social Doctrine of the Church (DSI) and Christian Humanism (HC) are the two pillars on which the entire institutional culture of CEU rests, linked in turn to its parent organization, the Catholic Association of Propagandists (ACdP).

The SER+CEU Institutional Formation Program proposes a development of the main theoretical lines related to CEU institutional formation, with the aim of strengthening the values of our Institution, disseminating, and reinforcing the main ideas on Christian Humanism and the Social Doctrine of the Church – according to the Strategic Plan projected by the General Management of the San Pablo University Foundation.

As much as the DSI, the Humanities in accordance with it, constitute a priority line of identity for the educational work of the FUSP-CEU; and that is why the formation of excellence embedded in a humanistic-Christian scientific culture is the primary objective that constitutes the raison d’être of our particular academic institution, as well as of the historical origins of the university institution in general. All this is an expression of the necessary research conciliation between faith and science, between the genuine Christian humanist tradition and scientific and humanistic-social knowledge.


The SER+CEU institutional training consists of three modules: the first one on the educational proposal in the CEU from the CH and the SDC, the second one corresponds to the applied part in the different areas of knowledge and a third one that will include a series of advanced courses on current issues related to the object of the program.

Who is the target audience

These courses are offered to university professors and PAS of Universidad San Pablo CEU Madrid, Universidad Cardenal Herrera CEU and Universidad Abat Oliba CEU as well as to the schools of Fundación CEU San Pablo and Fundación Abat Oliva CEU.