13 de September de 2023

Inauguration of the 2023-24 academic year and awarding of 2022-23 academic year degrees

19 de July de 2023

New book published by our director

Mr. Manuel Bustos, director of the Ángel Ayala Institute of Humanidades, has just published a new book edited by Aula Magna, on the construction and deconstruction […]
22 de May de 2023

The cultural power of medieval monarchy

Professor of Medieval History Alejandro Rodríguez de la Peña announces his new book, The Cultural Power of Medieval Monarchy, an essential read for students and scholars […]
30 de April de 2023

Understanding the world in Christianity: CEU opens enrollment for its course in the Social Doctrine of the Church.

The aim of this university degree is to address the major issues that are currently affecting life, the family, society, politics, and the economy.
31 de January de 2023

1st Day of the Social Doctrine of the Church

Monday, May 16, 2023
30 de January de 2023

Ángel Herrera Award for Best Research Work

Institute Professor Emilio García Sánchez has been awarded this year’s Ángel Herrera Award for Best Research Work, for his essay on human vulnerability Infinitos heridos. The […]
29 de January de 2023

Professors’ Encounter

On February 31 and March 1, the Ángel Ayala Institute of Humanities held its Teachers’ Encounter in Madrid. Teachers and researchers from the three branches of […]
30 de November de 2022

CEU launches a diploma in Social Doctrine of the Church to understand the world through Christian thinking

The second year of this degree will begin next year, with subjects ranging from theology to marriage and family, law, culture, and the political and international community.
30 de November de 2022

CEU organizes a congress on the occasion of Benedict XVI’s 95th birthday, with Cardinal Müller in attendance

The CEU Angel Ayala Institute of Humanities and the Christiana Virtus Foundation are organizing a Congress on the occasion of the 95th birthday of Joseph Ratzinger-Benedict […]