CEU launches a diploma in Social Doctrine of the Church to understand the world through Christian thinking

Medio: El Debate

The second year of this degree will begin next year, with subjects ranging from theology to marriage and family, law, culture, and the political and international community.

Legislative and social changes on issues such as abortion, euthanasia, life in general, the family or marriage in recent decades have been an earthquake to which many people find themselves without an answer. For this reason, the CEU Institute of Humanities Angel Ayala has launched the Diploma of Expert in Social Doctrine of the Church, which next year will begin its second promotion.

The aim of this university degree is to deal with the major issues that are currently affecting life, the family, society, politics, and the economy, from the perspective of the Catholic Church. The subjects taught include theology, anthropology, marriage and family, culture and social media, law, political and the international community, and other subjects related to the current social and cultural reality.

The cultural debate

Beatriz Bullón de Mendoza, coordinator of this diploma, stressed that ‘many of the ideas of the Church’s social teaching are questioned in public discourse and the students of this program acquire the skills to understand the arguments and participate in the cultural debate of our times’.

The diploma is aimed at those who, for professional or educational reasons or for simple personal interest, want to deepen their knowledge of issues that affect society, such as life, family, society, politics, and economics, from the perspective of the Catholic Church. The first edition was attended by teachers, business professionals, mothers of families, religious and priests.

‘The Social Doctrine deals with the entire social reality: marriage, family, politics, economics, law, bioethics….

Its proposals embrace that reality, since they involve a faith-based and reason-based understanding of man and the world. Anyone who wants to take an active part in the society to which they belong, whatever their status and profession, can have a safe reference to collaborate in the construction of a better world’, concluded the coordinator of the degree.

The Angel Ayala CEU Institute of Humanities has already opened registration for this new edition of the degree, which can be done both in person and online. Students can enroll as ordinary students or as listeners. This degree will be developed between October 2022 and June 2023 through two monthly meetings that will take place on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings. It will combine lectures and seminars in which attendees will acquire skills for analysis, argumentation, social dialogue, and responsible participation in public life.